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Crystal 24 Day Advent Calendar

Crystal 24 Day Advent Calendar

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Would you like a magical advent calendar to open this year? Or would you like to gift it to someone? Imagine being delighted every day for 24 days counting down to a special winter holiday!

Your Crystal Advent Calendar will include:
1. A Double Terminated Pendant
2. An Aventurine Tumbled Stone
3. A Tear Drop Pendant
4. A Chevron Amethyst Tumbled Stone
5. A Wire Wrapped Pendant
6. A Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone
7. A Carved Mushroom
8. A Miniature Heart
9. An Obsidian Tumbled Stone
10. A Carved Skull
11. A Carved Owl
12. A Worry Stone
13. A Miniature Mushroom
14. A Carved Moon
15. A Carved Star
16. A Carved Bone
17. A Crystal Point
18. A Blue Calcite Tumbled Stone
19. A set of 3 Miniature Spheres
20. A Black Kyanite Fan
21. A Key Chain with a Rough
22. A Necklace
23. A Tiger's Eye Rough Stone
24. A Key Chain with a Polished Stone

Please note that the stones will vary calendar to calendar so that we can surprise you with a unique mix. The pictures provided are for a sample calendar. WARNING: This calendar has small parts and may not be appropriate for some children.
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