Spiritual Development Classes

Would you like to expand your knowledge of all things metaphysical?

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Current Class Schedule

Psychic Self Defense, Part 1 – 07/20/24 6-8pm. $30
Learn the basics of energetic shielding for your body and your environment.  Use herbs, stones, smoke cleansing, meditation, “grounding”, “centering” and “white light shielding” to enrich your life.  Pre-requisites: None

The Chakra System & the Energy of Color – 06/08/24 6-8pm. $50
Let’s explore the energy centers of the body and how color affects our daily life.  Pre-requisites: None

Inner Child Meditation & Second Chakra with Amy Wolf – 07/10/24 12-2pm. $35

Discover how meditating on your younger self and dialoguing with her/him can help remove emotional blocks. This is an interactive class with several meditations for shifting stuck emotional places. This class includes: an Inner Child meditation, an Inner Warrior meditation, and a Second Chakra meditation. Second chakra is the place where we take on other people’s emotions, and this is a good meditation for separating from them.  Pre-requisites: None

Tarot for Beginners, Part 1 – 07/27/24, 6-8pm. $50
Learn to use Tarot & understand the Tarot system. We will be exploring layouts, how to formulate questions, who to direct questions to, the lower and higher Arcana (the Fool’s Journey) and how to deal with questions of time.  Pre-requisites: None

Psychic Self Defense, Part 2 – 6/28 & 6/29/24 6-8pm. $99
In-depth look at energetic shielding including the composition of the auric field, viewing your aura & chakras, rebalancing the chakras, energetic “cords”, etc.  Please bring color pencils/markers, a pendulum, and a yoga mat or similar.  Pre-requisites: PSD 1, CS&EC or basic understanding of color energy and principles of psychic self-defense.

Connecting with Crystals– 08/03/24, 6-8pm. $50
Ever wanted to connect with stones and crystals in your world? We will be discussing metaphysical properties of stones, taking a guided meditation with crystals and learning how to take care of various types of minerals.  Pre-requisites: None

Crystal Grids & Sacred Geometry – 08/17/24 6-8pm. $50
In-depth exploration of crystal energies, crystal energy combinations & crystal grid formation.  Pre-requisites: CC 1, CS&EC or basic understanding of crystal and color energies.

Spellcasting 101: Candles & Herbs – 08/24/24, 6-8pm. $50
Learn to use candles, herbs and colors to become a focusing point for intention setting mediations and spell work.  Pre-requisites: CS&EC or basic understanding of color energies.

Finding & Creating Magic 102: Altars & Sacred Spaces – 09/07/24 6-8pm. $50
Learn how to develop and build your altar and how to locate magical spaces inside and outside your home. Pre-requisites: None.

Practical Tarot, Part 2 – 09/21/24 6-8pm. $50
Explore the Tarot beyond the surface & understand how to use it in daily life.  Be prepared to use your deck and practice during class. Pre-requisites: TF1 or basic knowledge of tarot.

Connecting with your Angels & Guides – 09/28/24 6-8pm. $50
Explore guides, angels, elementals and animals that may assist you on your spiritual journey. This workshop will include several meditations to help you meet or develop a relationship with your Guides and Angels.  Pre-requisites: PSD1 or basic understanding of psychic self defense and meditation.

Astrology for Beginners – 10/05/24, 6-8pm. $55
Learn how to read your natal astrology chart!  We will explore elements/modes, planets, signs and houses. Class includes YOUR custom astrological chart.  Pre-requisites: None

Numerology for Beginners –, 10/19/24, 6-8pm. $50
Learn how the numbers and dates affect our daily life, and get in tune with the Universal vibrations for abundance, health, love, beginnings and endings.  Pre-requisites: None

99 Alternative Methods of Divination: Pendulum, Crystal Gazing, Runes & Mirrors  – 10/26/24 6-8pm. $50
Let's talk about divination alternatives to tarot. We will discuss 99 methods and try out pendulums, crystal ball gazing, runes and mirrors. Pre-requisites: PSD 1 or basic understanding of color energy and principles of psychic self-defense.

Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners – 11/02/24. $50
Enjoy a hot cup of tea, and learn to read tea leaves.  Please bring a tea cup & saucer to class. Tea and hot water will be provided.  Pre-requisites: None


"People, the classes are awesome! Even if you think you already know something…you will end up being enlightened! Highly recommend them  and the personal readings, too. WOW. an experience I’ll never forget!" -J.

"I can't believe how much I have learned from Juliana over the last year. Turns out magic works because of rules involved - and I now understand how and why it works. I finally understand how to read Tarot cards.  I even learned how to energetically cleanse my home. And I am so much better at saying no.  I feel so much better!" -A.

Rules & Disclaimers:

Each class is limited to 9 people at this time. To reserve your spot, please submit payment to Aura Song Gifts in cash.  The payment is non-refundable. If you cannot make it to the workshop, please let Aura Song Gifts know at least 10 days before the scheduled class to transfer to a different class.  No transfers will be possible in the 10 days before the scheduled class. However, you are welcome to give your spot to another person. 

We may cancel a class if there are less than 3 people signed up for it. We may also cancel a class due to emergency circumstances. In either of these cases, you will be offered your choice of either a refund or a transfer to another class.

Looking to learn something we do not currently offer? Please feel free to contact us at theinnergoddess@yahoo.com and suggest it!

Private classes for groups of 3+ are also available upon request.

We are expanding our offerings!

If you would like to teach a class, an event or a workshop at Aura Song Gifts, please contact us at 206-605-1752 with your proposal! Or stop by Aura Song Gifts for a chat!