Life Coaching

Do you feel lost?

Are you not getting what you want in life?

Are you confused on which path to take in your life?

Are your fears and beliefs holding you back?

Do you feel weak and out of control?

Are you having a hard time finding your authentic voice?

Are you tripping over challenges trying to step into your personal power?

Do you find yourself unhappy most of the time?

Do you feel like you don’t know yourself or what you are born to do?

Do you struggle with loving yourself fully and consistently?

Are you frustrated trying to develop your spiritual and psychic gifts?

Get to know yourself and what you were born to do, so that you can easily reach your goals and dreams.

Develop your spiritual and psychic gifts so that you feel more fully connected with the Universe.

Reconnect with the Universe so that you feel more fulfilled in life.

Understand what you want out of life and how to grasp it.

Find your unique path through the world so you can live with more authenticity.

Get unstuck so that you can take consistent steps towards your goals and dreams.

Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs so that they are powerless to hold you back.

Integrate with your Shadow Self and make it your best ally.

Co-create your life with the support of a loving Universe and find joy and deep fulfillment.

Find your authentic voice and personal power so that you become unstoppable.

Explore, cultivate and practice self-love every day - in this way you will never run out of love.

Discover how to create the life you love living and how to live it fully.

Learn to live with intention daily and your life will never run out of meaning.

Life & Spiritual Coaching is a multi-months program designed specifically around your needs, goals and aspirations. We will meet once a week for a 45 minute session, in person, by phone or via Zoom, where I will support you in transforming your life, reconnecting with your sacred center, and rediscovering your joy and sense of purpose.  You can create the life you always wanted to live and I can help!


"Taking this life coaching course with Juliana has changed my life for the best! As a clinician, I do not always get (or make) space for my own personal struggles. Juliana not only helped me to understand why, but do something about it. To me this was more than life coaching, but spiritual coaching sessions for my soul! This experience allowed me to give myself the permission to tap into my inner goddess and connect to my authentic self.  So, for those of you out there that are looking for the “road back to your higher self”, please make Juliana’s life coaching sessions, your first stop!" - N.

"Juliana is such an incredible life and spiritual coach. She helped me realize what my blocks were and how to tackle them. Because of her, I no longer feel "stuck" in life, and I know exactly what I need to do to move forward. Juliana has all the coaching tools to get me to where I want to be in my life. Hire her. She is that good!" - P.

"I can’t say enough about the service that Juliana offers. I have been working with her for two months and in that short period of time I have successfully made adjustments to my lifestyle that I had been overthinking for years and years. I feel charged with positivity after our sessions. The tools she taught me so far have not only assisted me in making a much needed shift around our focused topics but can also be translatable across other areas that I may want to change in the future. If I could make one guarantee I will say, from my experience, you will connect dots, turn on light bulbs and receive a deeper clarity of self. You will be able to change if you give yourself a chance to participate in this guided self-work. I am excited to see where our sessions will take me next." -M

"I would recommend Juliana as a Life Coach without hesitation. She is honest, warm, non-judgmental & intuitive. She has the clarity & insight to assist with the life issues that can hold may people back. Juliana is very qualified to focus on defining the personal issues with which a person may have been dealing...for many years. She helped me identify the negative "ruts" I had fallen into. Then she utilized practical methods & exercises to assist me in processing emotional and spiritual issues. I definitely experienced a positive "shift" in many long-held beliefs and attitudes thanks to the sessions with Juliana." -MLG.