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Aura Song Gifts

Psychic's Blend Crystal Confetti Scoops

Psychic's Blend Crystal Confetti Scoops

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Enhance your psychic gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, dreams and spiritual communication with this blend of Psychic's Crystal Confetti.  It includes a variety of bracelets - Amethyst (spirituality), Opalite (intuition), Clear Quartz (enlightenment), Evil Eye (protection), tumbled stones - Opalite (intuition), Black Obsidian (protection), Sodalite (psychic abilities), Smokey Quartz (clearing), Amethyst (spirituality); natural crystal chips - Aqua Aura (insight), Labradorite (psychic abilities), Amethyst (spirituality), Smokey Quartz (clearing), Shungite (spiritual transformation), Black Obsidian (protection), Snowflake Obsidian (balance), Moonstone (intuition); crystal moons, hearts and stars and a large variety of various metaphysical charms.

Each Scoop is unique, may not include every item listed and is not eligible for returns or exchanges.

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