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Aura Song Gifts

Intuitively Chosen Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet Stacking Bundle

Intuitively Chosen Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet Stacking Bundle

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Discover your unique equilibrium with an Aura Song Gifts Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet Stacking Bundle. Our intuitively chosen 3, 4 or 5 bracelet stacking bundles are designed to align with your energy to amplify your inner radiance. Each stack is curated with the perfect crystals to match your needs and aspirations. Treat yourself to a personal energy stylist and let Aura Song adorn you with a harmonious balance.

Our Intuitively Chosen Crystal Bracelet Stacks provide energetic protection and maximize the power of your intentions. Featuring hand-selected crystals, you can enjoy the benefits of their positive vibrations, creating a shield of harmony and amplifying your desires. Experience the power of these enchanting gemstones and manifest your dreams!

Discover your unique crystal energy with a 3, 4 or 5-stack bracelet stacking bundles! Each bundle includes (1) a selection of intuitively chosen beautiful bracelets, (2) an incense pack intuitively chosen to compliment the energy of your stacking bundle in order to cleanse your stack, and (3) a draw-string pouch color coordinated to the bracelets to store your stacking bundle when you're not wearing your bracelets. 

Our crystal bracelets are the perfect way to add energy and beauty to your look. Crafted with care and passion, they add a touch of elegance and joy to any occasion. To preserve their longevity, please remove them before bathing, vigorous exercise or sleeping, and treat them with gentle care.

Bead sizes range from 4mm to 10mm. The overall bracelet size of approximately 8.5" is "one fits most" for the perfect fit. Receive premium quality stones picked with love and intention for an unbelievable price. Unlock a treasure trove of crystal energy today!

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